About Pack 3

Pack 3 is a group of families who volunteer together to run a Cub Scout program for their kids.  

We have a huge amount of fun! Kids (boys and girls) and their families do activities like camping, fishing, hiking, knot-tying, first aid, carpentry, service projects, science, skits and songs, field trips, sports, and games. They earn badges and awards for the things they finish, and get recognized for their accomplishments in front of their peers. They learn good citizenship, environmental stewardship, leadership, self-confidence, and how to be part of a community. They wear a uniform which marks them as a scout, and which shows off the badges and awards they've earned. They make friends and take pride in who they are, and in being a Cub Scout!

We have about 35 kids in the pack and are always happy to have new families join us, anytime during the year!  We welcome any child in kindergarten (K2) through fifth grade, along with their family; kids aged 6 and up can join regardless of grade.  Our families come from Somerville, Charlestown, Medford, Cambridge, Arlington--basically you can live anywhere and join us as long as you can get to the meetings.  Most meetings are at Connexion UMC, 149 Broadway in Somerville.

Kids who have finished fifth grade, or who are already 11 years old, join Scouts BSA. Younger kids have to wait until they're older—sorry!

We believe that Pack 3 was originally one of the oldest in the country. It lapsed in membership and was restarted in 2009.

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When and where are the meetings and outings?

We have pack meetings (all kids and their families), typically one Friday each month at the Connexion UMC at 149 Broadway, Somerville.  We have several “special” pack meetings each year: the Pinewood Derby, the Blue and Gold Banquet, the Turkey Shoot, etc. These are pack traditions which the kids love and look forward to.

There is usually a monthly outing/activity, typically over the weekend. These activities might include a trip to City Hall, boating on the Charles, etc... We typically have at least 2 overnight camping trips per year. (Camp Sayre in Milton, Camp Forty Acres in Wilmington, Battleship Cove, Lowell Spinners, Science Museum)

Each Den (one age) also meets 2-3 times per month. The den leaders work with families to find dates/times/locations that work best.  Dens sometimes also have outings and field trips. The Webelos and Arrow of Light scouts (4th-5th graders) have their own camping trips.